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It's his only proof of the trip -- he didn't ask for a selfie or take a pictures because he didn't "want to be that guy," he said.

He believes as a chiropractor, that he is a complementary part of health care that can be trusted and beneficial for most of those who have health concerns. James Rosenberg, May 1994 – April 1996 Agape Chiropractic Center, P. Active Release Technique – Upper extremity Certified, March 2004/ 2007/ 2015.

Why not ask the doctor who can’t offer drugs or surgery… National College of Chiropractic Lombard, Illinois edu Doctor of Chiropractic, 1992 Bachelor of Human Biology, 1990 University of Wisconsin Superior, Wisconsin Pre-Chiropractic Major, 1987-1989 Fox Chiropractic Center Owner Meadowcrest Chiropractic Partner in Practice, April 1996 – October 1998 Delany Chiropractic, P. Active Release Technique – Spine Certified, September 2003 Active release Technique – recertification 2007, 2008, master program Applying Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice Dr.

Abdollahian landed in Chicago and got a job while he studied computer science at Harold Washington College, he said.

He graduated in December with an associate's degree and started driving for Uber after his company laid him off, he said.

Wright was struck by Abdollahian's story of his journey to the United States from Iran.

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He applied to Loyola University Chicago and said he was accepted. When local company Bluerock Energy heard about the road trip they gave Wright a check to reimburse him for the Uber ride.But Wright thought Abdollahian deserved it more than he did and passed it along.

But due to flight delays, he missed it anyway and the next one was not until the morning. He called two Uber drivers and both canceled on him as soon as they found out the final destination (Uber does not reveal the destination until the passenger gets in the car and the driver starts the trip). The only thing he complained about was people driving 50 miles an hour," Wright said.(CNN) - Uber driver Hadi Abdollahian thought he was signing up for a three-hour drive to suburban Buffalo Grove, Illinois, when he picked up a passenger Sunday night at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.But the Iranian refugee didn't think twice when he found out the actual destination was Buffalo, NEW YORK, some 500 miles and eight hours from Chicago. Three of his older brothers are doctors, one chiropractor, one double doctor (chiropractor/medical doctor) and one Ph D. Growing up in a suburb neighborhood of Chicago, both parents instilled hard work ethic and honesty in their children."Anyone's who's that passionate and focused about what he's doing, I'm more than willing to help anyone who's putting that foot forward to be successful." Abdollahian confirmed that he received the check and shared a picture of it on Twitter.