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Are beards intimidating to women

Brian arrives at Howard’s house and passes out at the wheel interrupting his advances.

Sean Ryan is the writer of the film who also like Woodward doesn’t have any major films under his belt but the combination of the two manage to put together a decent story and bring it to the big screens in our homes through VOD.

Just because there aren’t any major blockbusters under their credit right this moment doesn’t mean there aren’t any down the road.

He proceeds to look up his identity and realizes he’s a convicted felon (robbery and assault with a deadly weapon).

He finds an address on the phone and decides to drive there using the GPS in the van.

Brian’s character spends the movie trying to piece together what happened and everything comes to a conclusion at the end. For some reason Dolph’s character really bugged me for some reason, perhaps it was me stereotyping him in action roles from the 80’s and 90’s and I was hoping there may have been some nostalgic scenes with him as a badass but you don’t get any of it. Brian wakes up in the desert wounded surrounded by eight bodies, a van full of cocaine and 4 million in cash and no recollection of the prior events.

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On the run, Brian discovers the more he remembers the less he wants to know about who he really is.’This movie was originally titled ‘The Good, the Bad & the Dead’ and directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., Woodward doesn’t have any blockbusters under his credit and I didn’t recognize any of his other work.

Rooker and his partner arrive at the crime scene to ensure no one screws it up.The Sheriff wakes up in the hospital to Rooker looking over him and immediately asks him what happened.The Sheriff is vague and doesn’t give him anything.Perez is angry he couldn’t protect him and blames himself for his death.Perez demands a name from one of his henchmen and says they know of someone and they go to visit someone and that his son will not be buried until his killer is in the ground as well.Howard aggressively comes onto Christine who denies his advances but he immediately gets angry and proceeds to continue while she has a stone dead face upon her.