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Similarly Trefawr Track, a forestry road north of Cwm-coed-aeron Farm, Llandovery, is the location of the GSSP marking the boundary between the Rhuddanian and Aeronian stages. : See main articles on Cefn-cerig Road and Trefawr Track.

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The majority lie on or close to the margins of terranes, blocks of the Earth’s crust which have had differing geological histories before assuming their present configuration.

However, in recent years there has been a progressive elucidation of the way in which Wales’ many terranes came together during the late Precambrian and the Palaeozoic era.

The Ordovician period gave rise to a sequence of sedimentary rocks which stretch from Pembrokeshire eastwards through Carmarthenshire up the Vale of Towy and which are intricately intermixed with those of the succeeding period northwards to the Vale of Conwy.

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Wales' geology influences farming practices and building stone choices but also planning of developments which must take into account ground stability and liability to flooding - geohazards which an appreciation of the geology can help deal with.South Wales has a written record of geological interest going back to the 12th century when Giraldus Cambrensis noted pyritous shales near Newport.

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They did fundamental work on the Old Red Sandstone but are remembered more for their work on the lower Palaeozoic sequence.This ensures that we list THE BEST rather than THE REST, whilst also letting you know about any that you need to steer clear of.Basic information on adult service providers is FREE TO VIEW but Mc Coy's membership provides access to reviews and ratings as well as the ability to leave reviews and contribute to the forum.The Mc Coy's vision is to bring together a like-minded community of respectful purveyors of the adult service industry and provide a trusted source of information for those seeking the delights of adult services, including data on how many reviews, entries have had elsewhere.George's star ratings, details of individual ladies at parlours, agencies etc.Cefn-cerig Road near Cefn-cerig Farm, Llandovery, is the location of the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) which marks the boundary between the Aeronian and Telychian stages of the Silurian period on the geologic time scale.