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'She's a woman who didn't have a very positive effect on my upbringing so I think it was the right move,' said Duncan of his mother Angie Bowie who he hasn't had any communication with since he was 13 ‘It meant everything to me,’ he says. I’d just got involved in Source Code and I was trying to find my way in dealing with a host of producers, many of whom had contradictory opinions about what the film should be and all of whom wanted to let me know about it.

I love my work but I don’t like being in the spotlight. And it was like any kid going to watch his dad at work, no matter what they do.

I was never going to be an actor, that’s for sure.’Performing centre-stage to anthems like Diamond Dogs and Starman was always the proclivity of his father, while Jones prefers to observe: either behind the lens directing (today) or watching from the wings (back then).‘That’s where I feel completely at home,’ he says. We were just waiting for the concert to be over so we could go home.

In The Hunger (the vampire classic co-starring Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve), Dad had to age at one point to become an old man and I remember him scaring the **** out of me.

Source Code is a striking sci-fi thriller with Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens, a U. soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man travelling in a train that's about to be targeted by a terrorist ‘I was about seven and we’d watch these big adventure movies like The Sea Hawk, a pirate movie with Errol Flynn, or James Cagney movies on video. Dad introduced me to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the original Baron Munchausen. It’s amazing – you haven’t seen anything like this before.” I was eight when he showed me A Clockwork Orange.

‘He tried to get me to learn the drums but I didn’t want to. He slips through the reception area of the plush, discreet and trendy London hotel where we meet without attracting a second glance.

Her drug-taking, bisexual exploits at the time have been well documented.She and Bowie divorced in 1980 and Jones hasn’t seen his mother, who now lives in Arizona, for years.‘I was there for five years before I was asked to leave one week before we were meant to after I had slept through most of my A-levels. I’ve never really gone into it with Dad as to why he decided Gordonstoun was the right place for me to go. It was fairly austere and they still maintained that disciplined regime – the morning runs and the cold showers. I was just trying to survive.’ A procession of celebrities – and accompanying newspaper headlines detailing lurid stories about Bowie’s own bisexuality and drug abuse – trooped through their lives, but true to Jones’s nonchalant attitude to fame, they made little or no impression. I remember him coming out to Switzerland to see Dad and I was a huge Madness fan – I wanted the black-and-white clothes they used to wear.

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It was a big event just to get in the car and go home at the end of the day. ‘It was the opposite for me on a film set,’ says Jones, suddenly animated. I’d see the amazing sets being built, how the make-up worked.It had the little Kodak cartridges that you stick in, and I remember it had the ability to shoot one-stop animation.I loved it and I’d take it with me when I went off on tour with him.When Bafta-winning film director Duncan Jones was a little boy, his dad tried, tried and tried again to get him excited about music. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, to date the £19m film has grossed more than £75m worldwide.His father is David Bowie, so Jones’s musical genes must be first-rate. At first glance, you wouldn’t mark Jones as a player.In his acceptance speech, Jones was clearly overwhelmed and close to tears.