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Outlook web acces not updating

If you have empty scrollable widget, this can be due to a Launcher bug, please read this post If you want to translate it in your language, please, check here : ——————————- Install now From Android phone market : market://details? id=pure_calendar ——————————- Screenshots ——————————- Reviews ——————————- Revisions log -nr : not released 3.5.3: – NEW manual fix for bar issues available (system tab) – NEW Tasks & Notes (Exchange) compatibility 3.5.2: – IMPROVE support Open Tasks for Webdav and Caldav tasks – IMPROVE support for Motorola devices 3.5.1: – NEW resizeable height (larger only) – NEW 5×1, 5×2, 5×2, 5×3, 5×4 sizes – NEW support Open Tasks for Webdav and Caldav tasks 3.5.0: – IMPROVE support for Motorola devices 3.4.9: – UPDATE for Android 5.1 and Motorola support 3.4.8: – IMPROVE support of Tick Tick tasks 3.4.7: – NEW support of Informant application – FIX QEI strings – FIX motorola scrollable issues – FIX bullets cut when using adjusted height 3.4.6: – FIX QEI strings 3.4.5: – ADD new QEI repeat forever – IMPROVE Tick Tick integration 3.4.3: – FIX bad minifest issue – FIX issue with Motorola 4.4.4 and 5.x devices without scrollable mode – FIX Android 5.0 permission issue but now, you need to install Pure calendar AFTER install the task provider application.

It offers following features : – direct event and task insertion from the widget.

– insertion of repeating events (every x days/weeks/months) – mutiple sizes and skins to adapt it to your taste Task manager features For scrollable list, you ‘ADW.

In prior versions, you could relate a list to other lists in a loose way.

The lists had no formal structure, since on average, they were created by non-developers who uses Share Point as a means to get the job done rather than developing comprehensive and robust solution for others.

In a way, you could say Share Point Lists are based on the Entity-Attribute-Value data model.

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2.2.5: fix quick event insertion calendar selection fix QEI bug better events sorting 2.2.4: filter task refresh requests fix week number and override header text show task due time option hide double today in scrollable fix some Launcher cache problems 2.2.3: fix settings import 2.2.2: LG Exchange calendar support reworked config panel fix periodic refresh bug date lines text color 2.2.1: fix calendars invalid characters fix orientation display bug 2.2.0: fix Droid X color bullets fix redraw problem 2.1.9: fix Wildfire bug fix QEI crash 2.1.8: filter refresh to avoid too frequent updates fix scrollable widget initialization pb fix QEI date pb add X10 compatibility 2.1.6: fix Astrid 3 problems fix 24h past problem new quick event insertion panel fix full day event edition 2.1.5: fix Droid X events bug arranged configuration panel fix icons problem for Android 2.2 2.1.4: reset task list selection after dato selection new default skin better scrollable refresh 2.1.3: fix listview reboot problem Data gtasks ready 2.1.2: very very big text size added show tasks tags option fix reboot skin bug Dato Gtasks integration faster background redraw in landscape 2.1.1: fix critical bullet bug 2.1.0: improve skin manager error handling hide config button 2.0.9: scroll list dynamic refresh fix memory allocation pb fix important color for non scroll fix landscape aspect 2.0.8: ? 2.0.6: force line break between title, location and description show pasted and currrent events for scrolllist use important text color for events in progress show import/export buttons 2.0.5: fix bullets colors 2.0.4: little boost regenerate for SCROLL handle font for smaller SCROLL widget 2.0.3: fix event end date 2.0.2: fix events and dates click hide bullets if required 2.0.1: fix issues with click in other sizes than 4×2.

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fix QEI repeat/duration panels 2.4.2: QEI add yearly repeat 2.4.1: add Touch Calendar Full app link QEI : improved date/time pickers fix Got To Do tasks add Got To Do task time support fix BETA inline date behavior for 4×1 new Info page format 2.4.0: add Calen Goo app link fix QEI duration restore 2.3.9: swedish & dusch & spannish & danish translation ‘Google Task Organizer’ provider added (need last GTO beta) fix time picker for QEI 2.3.8: german and slovak translations detection of Adw Launcher Ex & Zeam fix bug with start date of QEI hide skins files from gallery 2.3.7: fix tap zones in scrollable mode 2.3.6: fix skin manager reload on rotate fix event cariage return pb fix pocket informant app link improved touch zones beta date on same line than event fix show/hide bullets 2.3.5: switch to a backup skin server 2.3.4: add Calen Goo Beta app link optimize Galaxy Tab rendering fix event cariage return pb add Fliq Calendar app link 2.3.3: fix Touchdown crash 2.3.2: fix cariage return with suspension marks fix Gemini add action fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab add daily events viewer long tap to edit event quick event insertion remind last duration and reminder 2.3.1: fix scrollable rendering on low res screens fix task sorting bug add i RT calendar / Business Calendar Beta apps link add Gemini for ‘ ’ action 2.3.0: add ‘Pocket informant’ link manual today/tomorrow translation 2.2.9: fix [ask each time] for app launch 2.2.8: add 0 minute reminder fix stock calendar 1.5/2.2 selection fix QEI insertion date for 2011 2.2.7: protection against wrong config option : show events before tasks add quick addroid app 2.2.6: ? It can display : – agenda events from Google agenda, Motorola Exchange, LG Exchange and Touch Down Exchange – tasks from Calen Goo (Google Tasks sync), Astrid (Google Tasks sync), Tick Tick (Google Tasks sync), Tasks Team (Google Tasks sync), My Phone Explorer (Outlook direct sync), Ultimate To-Do List (Google Tasks and Toodle Do sync), Task Sync (Exchange 2007/2011 sync), Dato Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), SSi Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), Got To Do (Toodle Do sync), Touch Down Exchange, DGT DGT (Toodle Do sync), Pocket Informant 2/3 (Toodle Do sync), Informant, Open Tasks (Webdav, Caldav)…– birthdays from contact book The Touch Down integration offers to display events and tasks from Exchange.Share Point is designed from grounds up to provide auditing and data recovery.Whenever you delete a list item from the list, it’s not actually deleted but rather moved into a recycle bin which gives the user an opportunity to undo the accidental deletion.Launcher’, ‘Live Home’, ‘Go Launcher’ or ‘Launcher Pro’.