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Directions for updating streetpilot garmin

According to Kenwood, after the first month the customer is charged an additional $6.99 every month.

– We just attended Kenwood training last week and found out that the Street Pilot app does not work, according to Kenwood.

Apparently when searching Kenwood Garmin apps on the i Phone, 4 appear. The green are Street Pilot and should not be used although this is still currently the advised app to use.

(Nail meet head) This is a great unit packed with a lot of features.

Looks great, easy to use software and it is adapting to the “there’s an app for that” age beautifully.

Last year’s model wouldn’t allow for adding satellite radio.

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We tested it on the way home from the training in fact and found the only complaint is that it isn’t very fast on updating the graphics as you travel therefore although your route is highlighted the graphics around it may not be.

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Much better than the usual beep that forces you to look at the GPS to know which is the notice, with seriousness which is take your eyes off the road driving.Sorry about the confusion and misinformation but we can only know what we are told.Another tip: We were told by Kenwood the GPS Drive app should not be chosen due to quality and rates.With all this said, you will have to make your own informed decision. When we carry with our GPS apart from updating the maps also need to update the speedcams. For my experience the sound warnings are very important because in the driving we’re looking at the highway (not at GPS) which is why sound warnings can inform us of all (eg.GPS Drive costs $.99 to download and the buyer assumes that is the only fee.