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Carson was transported to Union County Jail for booking.

The council approved a request from Bonham Fire Department in the amount of $39,933.02 to change the entrance to their new facility from asphalt to concrete.

Superintendent Frank Hart noted during the meeting that the Jordan family has donated property to the county, adjacent to Union County Stadium.

Deputies spoke with the owner, and she stated she had let Grady borrow the truck that morning, and he had not brought it back.

She said she did not want to press charges; she just needed to get her truck.

Deputies identified the male as Grady Carson, and they finally got him to put his private parts up and asked him what the problem was. As deputies were speaking to Grady, the owner of the motel came into the parking lot and told deputies she did not know what the problem was, but he had been around to everyone's room, waking them up, and just walking around the parking lot.

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The Newport cigarette butt was collected and turned over to Cpl. Taylor will obtain warrants on Austin for petit larceny and possession of contraband.During the early morning hours Tuesday, sheriffs deputies were dispatched to the Stardust Motel in Jonesville for an argument.

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Freddie Gault, representing Norman, made the presentation of a congressional recognition and an American flag that had flown over the nations capital building.Deputies arrived and saw a white male walking across the parking lot with his private parts in his hands.When deputies spoke with the male, he kept saying something about dogs.When deputies entered the room, they saw a small, clear, rocklike substance believed to be crystal meth on top of the dresser.Beside the substance was a Tylenol bottle with a few more pieces of the same substance inside.Deputies brought the owner of the vehicle to the motel and released it to her.