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What to expect at PV Operations: • Maximise your plant performance and asset profitability: Access exclusive case studies from the most profitable operating owners across Europe and hear how to improve Oand M service in times of price pressure• Improve data reliability through standardisation: Discuss how efficient usage of data can be a significant driver of commercial and operational success, and evaluate what advantages have been achieved so far with deeper data analysis• Optimise PPA profitability: Adapt to the current market conditions and learn best practice when it comes to technical due diligence, best plant performance and making the case for PPA contracts that are in favour of the asset owner• Improve contract reliability and warranty negotiations: Ensure realistic contracts are applied in favour of your asset profitability and assess how you can negotiate better warranties with reliable suppliers• Revive or repower aging plants: Hear what strategies plant owners are putting in place for addressing aging plants, advanced degradation and PID• Overcome component failures: Establish how to reduce downtime and improve plant performance, and understand how to negotiate better contract warranties to cover your damages with reliable suppliers• Energy Storage - With the global storage market expected to grow six fold by 2030, Eversheds will be hosting a half day workshop offering an overview of the current storage market and a look ahead to the future.

IEEE Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES): Plain Talk About the Electric Power Industry (Co-located with IEEE PES 2018 ISGT North America Conference, Washington Hilton) February 20-22, 2018 Washington, DC Early Bird Ends January 23, 2018!

IEEE PES PLAIN TALK courses for the power industry professional will help you to understand technical aspects of the electric power industry, even if you do not have an engineering background.

Today we have at our disposal advanced technologies, greater knowledge, and the most computing power we have ever had before.

What do operators and service companies believe will bring maximum value from the reservoirs in today’s landscape?

It will require a team effort to maximize value from the reservoirs.

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Bringing together over 500 attendees, 35 innovative exhibitions, 50 expert speakers and more than 130 operator delegates, the summit is the go-to global meeting point for those involved in decommissioning, P And A and well intervention.

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What to expect at the 10th Annual Wind Oand M EU 2018: Major component maintenance strategies - Discover how to improve your major component investigation methodologies to reduce multiple replacement Op Ex cost.A mini-expo and Smart Tools Bookstore are part of each classroom experience.Houses That Work™ is the nation's leading turn-key solution for educational training and outreach.WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES The objective of the workshop is to bring together cross disciplined teams from both operators and service companies to engage in stimulating discussion with a view to understanding the challenges and sharing the resources we have available and potential future resources to maximize value from the reservoirs in the years to come.Operators have ownership of the reservoirs, but service companies often provide the keys to unlock value from them, with people, processes, data, new techniques and knowledge.The best performing operational owners, investors, IPPs, utilities, Oand M providers, asset management providers, data monitoring experts, module and component suppliers will meet at Europe’s premier business meeting point for those involved in PV portfolio Oand M and asset management.