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But she's always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Chon, the most popular student in high-school. He also so good in his other movies like pae make n suddenly it's magic! Every person who's have had a first love in school.. Kuddos to the people behind this and Thank you for making this movie. Her display of expressions and emotions is just fantastic and it really moves as well as suck the viewers in.

Also, another rumor states that another sequel, First Love: The Proposal, is on plans and would follow the events after First Love: The Sequel 9 Years Gone." Love love the story. I hope he won't break his vow and he will be waiting for me, like Shone did from this movie. We can share our idea widely , but I beg you please be fair." To Fan You have to respect other opinion , this is not only 10 or 20 vote like other movie or actors and actresses that got only 20 vote to be the first in this website it's over 700 and over 200 for actors and actresses ... Shone really dating Pin because he think there is no chance for him with Nam anymore after he make a promise with Top , after that Pin confess to Shone(a week before the pool screen)Shone need someone to cure his heartbroken and he want to have someone beside him(Like he told Nam) but there's no detail why they broke-up maybe , the detail might be in the sequel ... (ถ้าเป็นคนไทย ก็ขอบอกว่าอ่านจากบอร์ดเฉลิมไทย พันทิปน่ะค่ะ มากมายหลายกระทู้) They think the same my thought.

Mario Maurer also confirmed this sequel via Twitter. After 9 years, I couldn't believe that we talked but only on the phone T_T so we're still together and we took a vow from each other. I just don't want anyone to miss a good concept which this movie try to tell us in a warm , romantic and reallistic way. I emphasize that it's fairly scored in two different way (I even don't consider that it grabbed ""Best movie"" prize from ""Thailand Top Award 2010"" and ""Umichu prize"" from Ukinawa , Japan ) Quality of filming : 7 /10 (considering : Directing , Story line , Leading Actor/Actress , Supportive Actor/Actress , Picture Editing , Sound editing , Making up , Costume) Impression when finished wathcing : 9/10 (considering : Cutenest of actor and actress , Great storyline which is simple yet so true and touched our heart deeply , Awesome song ) No problem if anybody disagree with me.

This was confirmed by the director but still on the draft process and there is no official release date yet. i was crying when nam tell shone what she felt and when shone's diary was narrated... I had never seen him back then until I went far away. for real, love is so li'l, but it "greatly" change people in different ways!!! Shone's love confessing way is very sweet and romantic yet authentic 5 The reason why Shone's looks indifference is revealed in the end that he's a shy and tighted-lip guy and he also has to keep a promise with his best friend. 7 I accept that the happy ending of Nam and Shone is really hard to happen in real life . So , I recommend you to watch this movie one more time with neutral mind .

i've been watching this movie for so many times...doubt these two will be known all throughout the Earth...hehehe....i love you guys!!! mwah forever one that wants a sequel there is one in affect =) "There are rumors that this film will have a sequel with the working title of First Love: The Sequel 9 Years Gone. I like it while I watched it I felt like I remember something when I was in my teen age years I had crush with this man which I felt so much happy but I'd never thought that we could be together! We've been through a lot in our relationships; we breaking up, back in, until it ends. I laughed , smiled at first hour , was touched with dramatic love story in the next 30 minutes and can't help shed my tear in the last 30 minutes. If you have watched it carefully you'll see that Shone intend to go the see Nam at TV show. ^^ Jangkoku No, you the one who misunderstand , The director tell the different story from what u tell , oh man you imagine by yourself and said others misunderstand ? Shone didn't lie to Nam , how can he know that Nam will come to confess him that day so he wrote on his shirt ? My english isn't perfect but What you english try to say "Can do I" what the meaning of that , it's have no meaning in English ... I love this Movie 'coz like my experience in school too!!

I hope there's a boy who looking great like him at my school.. You're a talented're not just looking good.. ♡♡ I loved it from the very beginning till the end. My top favorite movie of all the times :) now I can't even remember exactly how many times I've w Atched this amazing movie lol thanks for bringing this to life. Great job Thai producers,directors and especially the actors. I also loved a girl for 5 years since middle school . We r becoming friends now but still hope the day she love me . The totality of this movie will ensure the worth of watching it...... i am myself, was an amateur writer thinking of a story to write, then thought of writing my own story instead, but as i watch this movie, it gives me a shock. I and my friends in school like to dance it but we don't know what is the lyrics of islander someone know, please can you write it This movie is indeed very good. There are so may things that is not said and done in this movie. I want to know what happened to Top, Pin, and Nam's friends and teacher.

I've watched it may be 20 times but I am not bored. Honestly, I shave Chon that so coward to confess his love to Nam. =) i really love the movie which the characters are so beautiful especially P'Shone and P'Nam. but my crush dont realy know..maybe i could be the same story... 1 ahmmm i wish cris, has the same attitude of chon! And to be in the Top list movies on this site, it needs atleast 15 votes! hope more movies with nam and chon will be produce.. Back in fifth grade, i met this guy, let's say his name was ELMER, and he was drop-dead gorgeous! i lv this movie '' kisi prng ung movie medyo magkapareho rin sa tinadaanan ko"na my isang guy n ng kgusto ako s kanya when iwas in grade 5 natutuhan ko syang minahal araw_raw lagi akong pumapusok para makita ko sya palagi'the ng nlaman ko noong araw n my girlfriend n pla sya "ng nlaman ko ung "wla pring apikto sa akin n kahit my roon syng girlfriend. I'll make a promise will doing to watch this movie n hope it's good as my expetation........;-) wow, so many comments are posted here... I really wish the two main actor and actress with act together more in future films. At first time I watched this movie with my older brother and I wonder that "What does P'Chone said at the end that make Nam crying? And finally I can find the answer by watching eng sub. mario maurer and my first love somehow looked alike?? and mario is cute i love your movie i hope you have new movie with us ... There's not only the romance, there's also so many comedy scene that make me laugh. although " it's complicated" prin status namin ngayon..s ebz! " hehehe and P'Top and P'Pin are also pretty people. it is cool to watch this kind of show after stressful days and frustrations. heheheheheh lol Last march there were only 5 votes in this page. i love this movie because it makes me remember someone... So many things have happened, and I've been inlove with him for 4 years, but i never said anything,, what should i do? My comment in this movie : A Crazy Little Thing called LOVE is. P' Shone is so handsome while Nam Krab is so beautiful when she was on M.3 . I just finnaly know when i opened AMW movies cathegory n i found this in the highet rating voted....!!!!!!

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When I watch it with my friend it's normal, but when I watch it alone sometimes I would to laugh and sometimes I would to cry This is the best movie on Love Story i had ever saw, by the way i'm from India and in India bollywood films on Love Story are not so good . And, I love the way Teacher Inn's jealous gesture anytime Teacher Orn and Teacher Phol stand adjacent, and also the way Teacher Inn says 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfssssss' and shouted 'Labbit! Until now, I still asking: is Nam, from the beginning until the end of this movie, act by the same actress (Fern/Pimchanok) or not? Keep up the good work Today, I went to the beach front with my children. they were both suited at each other and im like so addict with that movie that i cannot focus on my studies anymore. what i like about this movie is you can relate with. So i created 10 accounts just to make this movie in the Top list lol!!! i like this movie so much .of my classmates love this movie even though i.. He's like Mario Maurer, except for a few features, but they're both German.. So every day, I did my best to be noticed, but then he found out, and we fought. Then, I was in sixth grade, when things began to twist, we were both a member of the SSG, an organization in school, and we were helding a party that time. ng vacation na hindi ko prin sya,hindi sya mawala s isp ko" pg kasusunod-sunod na mga buwan ay unti-unti ko syng nkakalimutan' ng october 2010 ay doon ko na lamn n may gusto n pla sya akin' ng nalaman ko 'yun ay hindi ako makapaniwala then wla na akong nararamdaman sa kanya after ng prapractice kmi pra sa graduation ay doon ko na raramdaman ulit 'yon i love this movie i like go in thailand like other i love mario maurer and pimchanok leuwisetpaiboon they are so good in acting love movie hope hat u will make another love movie together the movie crazy little thing called love has give so much value or lesson that not on beautiful woman that could be love in a handsome boy but also in not perfectly beautiful it is not important if u are so beautiful the important is how u will ove somebody a make them the special oe in your life even if u are not beautiful but u have the beauty of ur heart.........:) i love u maurer:) ^_^ This movie makes me happy it gives me insparation P'Shone your so handsome P'nam your so beautiful.. The first Thai love story movie I had ever seen, and I'm crying at the ending of this movie. it just prove that many viewer love this movie so much.. If it is based on a true story, And whose the real Nam and Shone? So whenever I see this movie it remind's me of my first love and how one never really should give up on love! especially to Acharanat Ariyaritwikol ,known as 'Top' on the movie.. T__T This movie really depicts almost every teenage girls' high school life. His cuteness is really attractive whenever he smiles widely.. Like how they will try to get the attention of their crushes, friendship problems, family problems, etc etc. I wish I could forget everything about this movie and enjoy it again like the first time. The plot is great; the actors are awesome (Mario and Baiffern - best couple ever!! This is the funniest romance comedy drama ever I watched.. I never get into Thai movies before but since I watch this movie, I'm getting curious in thai movies. when he opened his album with all the pictures of her and a warm secrets as well. I am watching this movie everyday..makes me free from stress and really make me feel the love inside me...i love u all friends..i love Thailand. This movie really gives inspiration to everyone, boy or girl, all my friend to whom i suggest this movie really fall for it so also my first Thai movie to watch, and it is really good, well more than good i can say. The way Nam congratulated him and went away crying. I just watched this movie 2 days ago, and this movie was the best romantic comedy movie ever in my life ! My ultimately favorite part that I got surprised was Shone also have a feelings to Nam... "A LITTLE THING CALLEG LOVE" IS NOT JUST A LITTLE THING ACTUALLY..:) Hi...i am an in a small tow.when i got this sweetest movie called "A LITTLE THING CALLED --LOVE--". but anyways, i just pray that someday i will have the same courage as Nam, to tell him what i really feel... I mean i seriously love this movie, This really saved me. The ordinary 14 year old girl Nam is unattractive or in simple terms.. The female actress (whose name I can't pronounce because that is one crazy ass long name I see) is a fantastic actor!