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Romance x26 dating

Tina Burns and Cass Kiefer; son, Michael Kiefer; and two grandchildren. 16 for Vito Anthony Romeo, 92, at Memorial Park Funeral Home by Rev.

Surviors include spouse, Rinaldo "Ronnie" Grisanti; sons, Dino Grisanti, Alex Grisanti and Judd Grisanti; sisters, Dorothy Shrader and Elizabeth Carter; brother, Robert C.

Survivors include parents, Marek and Urszula Bis; sisters, Sylvia and Marta; and daughter, Amelia Bis.

Laurin Wilson; daughters, Eileen Mc Keever, Catherine Gurley, Donna Dixon and Barbara Wilson; sister, Jane Simpson; brother, Donald F.

Survivors include spouse, Richard Fitzgerald; daughters, Melodee Churchill and Grace French; sisters, Priscilla Rasel and Nadine Bailey; and six grandchildren.

Survivors include spouse, Ila Love Jones-Pellegra; daughters, Gina Lisa Pullen and Marian "Izzi" Pellegra; sons, Rick Corrado Pellegra, Michael Pellegra and Fred Pellegra; 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. 17 for Noal George Kiefer, 91, at Catholic Church of the Incarnation by Rev. Survivors include spouse, Yvonne Kiefer; daughters, Dr.

Survivors include spouse, Linda Wray Jordan; daughters, Elizabeth Orians and Lynn Armstrong; sons, Donald Jordan Jr. Jordan; brothers, Gene Jordan and Robert Jordan; and eight grandchildren. 31 for Cathy Jeanne Sax, 59, at Memorial Park Cemetery by Rev.

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A graveside service was conducted October 10 for Lora Heckle Montgomery, 71, at West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery by Rev. 5 for Ron Rukstad, 69, at Church of the Incarnation by Rev. Survivors include spouse, Jonette Rukstad; daughters, Lori Cohen, Michelle Priggel and Jennifer Rukstad; sons, Jeff Rukstad and Kevin Rukstad; sister, Jan Price; brother, Greg Rukstad; mother, Dorothy Rukstad and 13 grandchildren. Mc Arthur Survivors include spouse, Angelo Gagliano; daughters, Margaret Gagliano, Michele Davis and Lynda Panaro; son, Angelo Gagliano; brother, Woodrow Bennett; and four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Survivors include spouse, Ann Kavanagh; daughters, Mary Day, Therese Despeaux and Colleen Kavanagh; and nine grandchildren. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated October 4 for Elsie Raiteri Spence, 95, at St. Survivors include daughter, Winnie Marie Gorman; sons, Joe Gorman and Jack Gorman; sisters, Nora Costello and Mary Ann Mc Nally Riley; brothers, Johnny Mc Nally III; Joe, Jim and Thomas Mc Nally; and mother, Winnie Marie Mc Nally.